This is our 3rd year at stay at K’s.  A wonderful location to see the river, boats, ships and sunsets – it was a beautiful sunset last evening!!  The owners are very nice and keep it so clean.  It is a pleasure.  What can be said about the 1000 Islands is volumns and is volumns already – it is a unique, one of a kind place.  We who visit are blessed to view this masterpiece of God.  God Bless and Help Us and all who read this and all in the world.

Joan & John

Binghamton, NY

 I have had the most enjoyable time of my life while visiting New York. K's Motel + Cottages was very warm and welcoming, as were you. I hope to come back here in my travels. 
 Thank you.

Diana Gosxixx

 When we were younger my mom and dad would bring us to the 1000 Islands every summer. Now that dad is gone we bring mom up every summer. It's a joy staying here at K's, mom cry's when we have to leave at the end of the week. We hope to see you next year.
 God bless  Jenny  Xxxxxxxx